IT Marketing Email Strategies to Ensure Your Outreach Is Received

Your IT marketing needs to take into account spam-filtering protocols which define email inboxes today. Google has become a worldwide provider of email solutions via Gmail, so learning how to navigate this provider will likely represent one of your most comprehensively successful strategies in terms of marketing. Several tips to help your messages make it to primary tabs of leads include: 

  • Being in line with Google’s guidelines on bulk emails
  • Providing incentives for subscribers who add you to their contact list
  • Personalizing emails and Strategically determining batch size

Being In Line with Google’s Guidelines on Bulk Emails

Your IT marketing efforts need to be streamlined to match Google guidelines. Here’s a link to the page to help expedite the process. Keep yourself up-to-date on these guidelines, as they are apt to shift. Google is always updating algorithms in minor ways, and major shifts aren’t uncommon. 

Provide Incentives for Subscribers Who Add You to Their Contact List

You might provide discounts for potential or existing clients who are willing to add your email to their contact list. You can make this happen by telling them how to do so in a message and then encouraging them to send you one to prove it. You don’t necessarily have to make incentive your primary means of getting prospects to do this, but it can help. At any rate, when you’re in their contacts list, you’ll show up under their primary Gmail tab. 

Personalizing Emails and Strategically Determining Batch Size

Emails should be interesting, engaging, personalized as much as feasibly possible and sent out in strategic batches to avoid getting bulk flagged. Humor is excellent for this purpose. If you can find some kind of collateral comic strip like Dilbert, or something similar, you can add entertainment value, which organically invites interaction. Direct value through advice or discount is additionally considerable.  

Empowered Email

IT marketing strategies which personalize, incentivize and know Google policy will be more successful in landing emails in the primary inbox of leads.  

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