Does All Your IT Marketing Collateral Match Your Corporate Branding?

Simplicity and Elegance

An IT marketing strategy needs to bear a simple consistency for maximum effectiveness. This is certainly easier said than done! When you’re starting out, you’re going to do whatever you can to get where you need to be. Oftentimes, the ways in which you market will have a conflicting nature. One slogan may disagree with another. Look at it this way: when you’re poor, you can’t really choose your clothes.

Beggars can’t be choosers. You take what you get. So until you get some assets behind you, your wardrobe may look like a conglomeration of plaids that are downright painful to the eye. This plaid keeps you warm, but the colors clash, the lines go every which way, and nobody likes looking your direction. But if you make a little more money, you can afford clothes that match. You’ll have a suit and tie if you keep at it long enough, and the personal marketing of your wardrobe will make you more presentable to peers, passerby, and those whose position you aspire to.

Well, your marketing is going to be very similar. When you hit the ground running, you’re going to clothe your business in whatever you can find; but as your business gains in strength and you can afford a more streamlined approach, you’ll be able to source marketing collateral which more accurately fits that which you’re trying to accomplish.

Marketing collateral is an umbrella term which encompasses various forms of media and outreach as they pertain to your business. IT marketing should be:

• Simple
• Elegant
• Consistent
• Agreeable
• Memorable
• Effective

If everything is mismatched, it will be like argyle on plaid under a patchwork cardigan. If it’s matched, it’ll come off like an Armani suit.

The Drawing Board

Sometimes getting to the level you desire is going to require throwing everything out and going back to the drawing board. You’ll want to look at the marketing message you’re communicating to potential clients. You’ll want to check out your core values and see if anything has changed. Slogans were mentioned earlier— how many are there? Do they agree with one another? They can be different; you just don’t want something that sends a conflicting message.

You don’t want a slogan like “cutting-edge services for you” competing against something like: “the most dependable old-school values bring tech to your door.” One is communicating a sort of technologically progressive ideal; the other is communicating a safe, traditional feel. While both may be in reference to cutting-edge solutions, they clash. In such a case you might justify the two slogans together into something like: “Our services: a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and traditional service delivery.”

Business cards, marketing slides, postcards, brochures, banners, and any marketing collateral you’ve stumbled into over the years must be harmonized such that it’s simply communicative and doesn’t facilitate anything near cognitive dissonance in the viewer.


Make no mistake— people are easily confused today and they’re as habit-prone as ever. So when you go back to the drawing board, it also makes sense to see if old marketing collateral can be woven into the new.

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