Creative IT Marketing People Are More Productive When Having Fun!

Creating A Fun Work Environment Fosters Creativity

IT marketing creativity is essential for success, but you can’t force it. The caliber of the seeds you purchase doesn’t matter if they’re not planted in fertile soil. The marketeers you hire or their qualifications don’t matter if you don’t give them an atmosphere in which they can succeed.

The Conflict

A lot of folks in upper management don’t make it there because they’re creative in the same sense as proactively effective marketeers. They make it there because they follow orders and get results. They’re also excellent at a game called CYA: Cover Your Assets, to make this blog post “Safe for Work”. But you know what’s “Not Safe for Work?” Fun. Well, it’s safe for work, but it often isn’t treated as though it is. This false standard of simulated reality is enforced.

You’ve got to wear your hair a certain way, put on a suit and tie, cut your beard, avoid certain types of clothing, etcetera. Certainly, some basic guidelines of operations are necessary, but too many end up strangling creativity. Fix your corporate culture so that it encourages creativity.

Certainly, there’s a school of thought which says that work shouldn’t be fun, but is that necessarily true? Isn’t that which you’re passionate about inherently “fun?” Do you think authors don’t have “fun” writing their stories? How about film directors? How about actors and musicians? Let’s bring it closer to home: how about engineers, mathematicians, and computer designers? They like “fun” too, and what they consider “fun” is much more likely to be in line with your business’ corporate culture. When it comes to IT marketing, there’s a certain amount of “fun” which can be appended to the workplace which will facilitate creative thinking, leading to innovative ideas, which finally lead to increased clientele acquisition.

Ideas to Make Your Workplace More Fun

You can have a whiteboard with several dry-erase markers at one end of the room where employees are encouraged to write their ideas, keep score when clients are acquired, etc. You can install games. You can have incentivized programs which help drive employees. Some other ideas include:

• Relaxing redundant corporate culture constraints
• Allowing employees to play music
• Making your work environment colorful
• Reward successes expansively and publicly
• Identify talents and put employees where they’re most useful

Corporate Constraints

If your marketing personnel aren’t always involved directly with clients, let them dress and style themselves how they want. As long as it’s not too crazy, this will help them feel more secure. Don’t have some rigid set of dress-code requirements like a boarding school. Don’t enforce things like this as schoolmarms do. That’s no fun, and it encourages rebellion, not creativity. Sure, employees might rebel creatively, but that energy is better served designing marketing campaigns.


Let your employees in marketing play music. You can either allow this in individual offices if there are sound consolidation measures, or let those who source new clients through their marketing means choose the music for the floor. As long as it’s not some profanity-rife conglomeration of screams and grunts, it shouldn’t inhibit progress, and can help drive other employees on to working more effectively so they can choose the music selection.


What’s your office: some soviet orphanage or a free business in a capitalistic society where individuals can succeed? Green, red, purple, blue— put paintings up, make your office colorful. Colors stimulate the mind and help foster creativity.

Public Success Rewards

When you make a positive example of creativity reward, it encourages everybody to obtain the same kind of recognition.

Identify Talents

If you’ve got a guy good at writing, let him write. If you’ve got a person with a visual eye, put them on the visual segment of operations. Encourage inhering talents and creativity, as well as imagination, naturally result.

Creative Marketing Solutions Foster ROI

IT marketing which is conducted in a “fun” work environment will yield a higher return on your investment in employees. So, play to everyone’s strengths, make the office more fun, and see increased positive results.

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